High Protein Breakfast Recipes Without Eggs (2024)

These High Protein Breakfast Recipes are a great alternative for those mornings when you just don’t feel like eating eggs. Here are 8 breakfast food choices if you are looking for some high protein breakfast ideas.

High Protein Breakfast Recipes Without Eggs (1)

Coming up with breakfast recipes that are healthy and fun to eat can sometimes be a burden, especially if you fall in the cycle of eating the same thing in a rotation. A common question I get from many of my readers is usually something like “what are some high-protein breakfast options that don’t include egg?”

I get it. Whether you tend to prefer more of a high protein vegan breakfast, or maybe need to switch up your meal plan, there are going to be times you want a high protein breakfast without depending on eggs to be your main source of protein.

Why Protein is Important at Breakfast

Protein is important when trying to lose weight because it fills you up without making you feel bloated and stuffed. It’s also better for your metabolism because it takes longer to digest which means you’ll feel full longer.

When you don’t include protein into your breakfast routine, it’s easy to feel hungry in about an hour or two after eating. If you eat a high sugar or carb breakfast, you’ll feel that crash and burn before your morning snack time arrived.

I would really recommend filling your morning with a nutrition protein-rich breakfast that will serve you well when trying to eat healthier and lose weight.

Many of us tend to think breakfast protein = eggs, and we forget that there are so many more other high protein foods for breakfast without eggs. Here are a few of my favorite egg-free ways to get protein in the mornings.

High Protein Breakfast Foods

Before jumping into some of my go-to recipes, here are 6 ingredients I recommend using to add a protein punch to any breakfast recipe!


Quinoa is actually a complete protein meaning that it has all 9 of the essential amino acids. Most plants don’t have this so it’s a great choice for vegan and vegetarians when trying to get more protein into their diets.

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt is a great way to get in a good amount of protein. You can eat it by itself or stir in some fiber-rich berries.

A word of caution: Read the label because many yogurt brands are filled with sugar. I recommend Siggi yogurt which is high in protein and very low in sugar. One small container of Siggi yogurt has 12 – 15 grams of protein and 8 – 10 grams of sugar, depending on the flavor. Plain Siggi Yogurt has 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar.


A 1/4 cup of raw almonds has about 160 calories, 14 grams of fat, 6 grams protein, and 1 gram of sugar. I do recommend paying attention to portions because the calories and fat can add up. However, 1 serving will get you an extra 6 grams of protein.

Nut Butter

Just like with nuts, nut butter adds a lot of protein to a recipe. You can stir a tablespoon of almond butter into oatmeal or have a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter with an apple. Again, you do need to watch the calories and fat because the serving portions are small.

Chia Seeds

I absolutely love chia seeds and truly believe in their superfood powders! 1 tablespoon of chia seeds has 60 calories, 2 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, and 0 sugar. It’s also filled with antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and protein.

I’ve been adding chia seeds to my smoothies for years and I feel that it has worked wonders for digestion and helps keep my skin glowing, all while giving my diet a huge nutritional punch.

Collagen Powder

I started taking collagen this year and love it. It’s been said to help with hair, skin, nails, and digestion. It’s very dissolvable in coffee or a glass of water. Plus, 2 scoops of collagen powder offers you a whopping 18 grams of protein with only 70 calories!

Healthy High Protein Breakfast Recipes

I know it’s hard to think past eggs when trying to get creative with high protein breakfast options but believe it or not, there are plenty of delicious recipes that will allow you to easily add protein into your morning routine. Here are a few of my favorite high protein breakfast recipes to get you started.

Overnight Oats

Most people wouldn’t think that overnight oats would be high in protein, but between the chia seeds and coconut milk, there is enough protein and fat to keep you full and satisfied between meals. Not to mention if you stir in some nut butter (like almond or cashew), you can create a breakfast recipe with 15 grams of protein like these peanut butter overnight oats.

High Protein Breakfast Recipes Without Eggs (2)

Here are some of my other go-to high protein overnight oats recipes:

  • Carrot Cake Overnight Oats (this one includes quinoa and chia seeds!)
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Overnight Oats
  • Banana Overnight Oats
  • Almond Joy Overnight Oats

Steel Cut Oats

Steel-cut oats are something I love to make in my slow cooker any time of the year. These oats are filled with fiber and help lower cholesterol, as well as help stabilize your blood glucose.

By adding in quinoa, a handful of nuts, or a swirl of almond butter, you can add a decent amount of protein to any oatmeal recipe.

This Slow Cooker Blueberry Banana Steel Cut Oats recipe is made with quinoa, frozen blueberries, and bananas that are topped off with a dash of cinnamon to bring the whole bowl together.

High Protein Breakfast Recipes Without Eggs (3)

Here are some other high protein steel cut oat recipes to try:

  • Morning Glory Steel Cut Oats
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Steel Cut Oats
  • Slow Cooker Apple Harvest Steel Cut Oats
  • Slow Cooker Pumpkin Spice Steel Cut Oatmeal

Yogurt Parfaits

Like I mentioned above, greek yogurt is a great way to incorporate protein at any time of the day! This type of yogurt is very versatile and it works well both as a savory or sweet kind of breakfast recipe. Add in some fresh berries along with some granola and you have a very tasty high protein, high fiber breakfast.

If you put it in a mason jar, you can have a quick and healthy breakfast on the go.

High Protein Breakfast Recipes Without Eggs (4)

Here are my favorite healthy filling breakfast parfait recipes:

  • Strawberry Lemon Greek Yogurt Jars
  • Banana Split Greek Yogurt Jars

Green Smoothies and Smoothie Bowls

Green smoothies don’t seem like a high-protein breakfast but you can add a good amount of protein with chia seeds, collagen powder, yogurt (dairy or non-dairy), tofu, avocado, or even nuts. This can turn your normal green smoothie or smoothie bowl into a high protein superfood greens smoothie!

For example, this Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie Bowl has 9 grams of protein. I also really love to make this Banana Split Smoothie Bowl with frozen strawberries, dairy-free yogurt, bananas, and almond milk.

High Protein Breakfast Recipes Without Eggs (5)

Nut Butter Wraps

This Almond Butter and Banana Wrap has 9 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein so it adds a good amount of nutritional value to start your day.

You can use a low carb tortilla wrap made from almond or coconut flour to add even more protein to this breakfast recipe. I honestly find myself eating it for my mid-morning snacks sometimes.

High Protein Breakfast Recipes Without Eggs (6)

Avocado Toast

If you’re looking for a simple breakfast recipe that’s big on flavor and packed full of protein, you should try some avocado toast. You can get as fancy or simple as you want.

If you are looking to keep it simple, try topping off your avocado toast with some red crushed peppers for a small spice kick in the morning.

If you want to take it a step farther, add a few sliced of smoked salmon and top it off with some Everything but the Bagel seasoning from Trader Joes!

I recommend using Ezekiel bread as a healthy added protein bread option.

High Protein Breakfast Recipes Without Eggs (7)

Cottage Cheese and Fruit

Cottage cheese is one of my favorite ways to get in a lot of protein without a lot of fat and calories. I love cottage cheese and fruit for breakfast or even a morning snack.

To make this meal a quick and easy grab and go option, take a mason jar or reusable glass container and make even layers of fruit to cottage cheese. If I’m in a savory mood, I’ll put this combination on some Ezekiel bread to change it up.

High Protein Breakfast Recipes Without Eggs (8)

Dinner for breakfast

Who says you can’t have chicken for dinner or even a quinoa bake first thing in the morning? When you’re trying to get more protein into your morning, I think it’s totally fine to think outside the box. For example, make a broccoli cheddar quinoa bake to eat all week.

Or what about mason jar salads for breakfast?

Even, some low carb turkey avocado wraps could be good in the morning. Think outside the box and choose recipes that’ll satisfy your cravings and also get in some extra protein.

As you can see, there are many options for breakfast without eggs that has both high protein and excellent flavor. Which one will you make first?

Change up your meal plan with some of these High Protein Breakfast Recipes and try something new for breakfast. Share a picture and tag me on InstagramorFacebookif you decide to try it!

High Protein Breakfast Recipes Without Eggs (2024)
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