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Roy Scheider, Jonathan Brandis, Don Franklin

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The seaQuest, a sophisticated submarine, protects underwater colonies in an age when humankind has nearly exhausted the Earth's natural resources and turned to exploring the ocean.

  • To Be or Not to Be, Part 1

    Episode 1 - 45 mins

    The sub is sent to prevent global conflict, then is refitted.

  • To Be or Not to Be, Part 2

    Episode 2 - 44 mins

    The sub is sent to prevent global conflict, then is refitted.

  • The Devil's Window

    Episode 3 - 45 mins

    Volcano chemicals make Darwin ill; Bridger considers going for a remedy.

  • Treasure of the Mind

    Episode 4 - 45 mins

    The library of Alexandria is found; mind readers search for a security leak.

  • Games

    Episode 5 - 45 mins

    Near the polar ice cap, the crew rescues a warden and his prisoner, an evil scientist.

  • Treasures of the Tonga Trench

    Episode 6 - 45 mins

    Krieg finds luminescent orbs he suspects are valuable; a huge creature attaches itself to the sub.

  • Brothers and Sisters

    Episode 7 - 45 mins

    An underwater typhoon threatens a group of abandoned children.

  • Give Me Liberte

    Episode 8 - 45 mins

    Crew members are infected by a virus while investigating a space station.

  • Knight of Shadows

    Episode 9 - 45 mins

    Mysterious light still glows through sunken liner's porthole.

  • Bad Water

    Episode 10 - 45 mins

    A French sightseeing sub and crew members trapped in a hurricane need help.

  • The Regulator

    Episode 11 - 45 mins

    Unconventional salvage operator is hired to fix the ship's air conditioning.

  • seaWest

    Episode 12 - 44 mins

    Hitchco*ck infiltrates an underwater gold-mining colony to investigate a distress signal.

  • Photon Bullet

    Episode 13 - 45 mins

    Lucas is challenged by teen hackers to break the World Bank's computer codes.

  • Better Than Martians

    Episode 14 - 45 mins

    Crew races to save astronauts whose space capsule has crashed in the ocean.

  • Nothing but the Truth

    Episode 15 - 44 mins

    Commandos storm the ship to use its technologies for an evil cause.

  • Greed for a Pirate's Dream

    Episode 16 - 45 mins

    The crew urges treasure hunters to abandon a Caribbean island before a volcano erupts.

  • Whale Song

    Episode 17 - 45 mins

    Bridger quits after being ordered to destroy ex-cohort's vessel.

  • The Stinger

    Episode 18 - 45 mins

    Lucas and Hitchco*ck's entry in a submersible competition is blown out of the water by a rival.

  • Hide and Seek

    Episode 19 - 45 mins

    Exiled dictator hopes to use the ship's technology to help his autistic son.

  • The Last Lap at Luxury

    Episode 20 - 45 mins

    A plot to overthrow the UEO is uncovered during a confederation summit.

  • Abalon

    Episode 21 - 45 mins

    A brilliant biologist creates a secret community of water-breathing humans.

  • Such Great Patience

    Episode 22 - 45 mins

    Darwin may be the crew's only hope for communicating with an alien.

  • The Good Death

    Episode 23 - 45 mins

    Bridger is tricked into torpedoing submarine carrying refugees.

  • Higher Power

    Episode 24 - 45 mins

    The malfunction of an oceanic power plant for the world raises sea temperatures.

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