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Welcome to Season 7 of the GPRO Golf PGA Revived Tour. For those unfamiliar with the rules from previous seasons, they are briefly contained below.
This competition will commence with GPRO Season 93 - Race 2 …...... but full details are contained in the schedules posted below.

****** You will notice that the US Open is split with nothing for Race 10. That is because the race at Jyllands-Ringen is 136 laps and does not really work with PGA Revived ******


Each round of golf is made up of 18 holes. Each of these holes is linked to a lap in a GPRO race. Depending on your lap time for that lap you can score and eagle, birdie, par, bogey or double-bogey.
To enter a tournament, you simply need to post your lap times for the holes stated on the scorecard, and post your fastest lap of the race (and which lap it occurred on).

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The Scorecard

There will be a variety of different course throughout the season and they will be posted shortly before the relevant race. The scorecard will look something like this:

Hole 1 - Par 4 - Lap 2
Hole 2 - Par 5 - Lap 4
Hole 3 - Par 4 - Lap 5
Hole 4 - Par 4 - Lap 10
Hole 5 - Par 3 - Lap 13
Hole 6 - Par 4 - Lap 18
Hole 7 - Par 4 - Lap 22
Hole 8 - Par 3 - Lap 25
Hole 9 - Par 4 - Lap 26
Hole 10 - Par 5 - Lap 30
Hole 11 - Par 4 - Lap 35
Hole 12 - Par 4 - Lap 38
Hole 13 - Par 3 - Lap 40
Hole 14 - Par 4 - Lap 43
Hole 15 - Par 5 - Lap 44
Hole 16 - Par 4 - Lap 48
Hole 17 - Par 3 - Lap 51
Hole 18 - Par 5 - Lap 53

Total = 72

After each race you will be required to post your results in this thread so that anyone can verify them if they wish to. The deadline for posting results will be before qualifying closes for the following race. I will not be using every race each season but selected races as seen in the schedules shown in subsequent posts
Your results post will require the following:

Your NAME ( in case you are posting for someone else) - Please make it clear
Tournament Name
Round Number
Your fastest lap of the race, including which lap it occurred on
Your lap time for each hole

An example is as follows and should be posted EXACTLY as this to enable me to copy and paste into my spread sheet to save me MASSES of time. Failure to do so MAY invalidate your round so please be warned as I may not have time to change your entry to get it right

Do all the dashes and semi-colons/dots for times exactly this way please otherwise it will not work I will try to remember to put a template on each event

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This has simply been entered as "Hole (space) 18 (space) - (space) 1:11.772 and appears to work the same in different browsers
It will be easier for you and me as the spread sheet simply requires the time and does not recognise Lap number or Par. That is all done elsewhere in the sheet

Any uncompleted laps will result in a double-bogey (+2). A start crash will result in a round of 36 over par, however you should still post this as a failure to do so will result in disqualification from the tournament and you will not receive any ranking points towards Ryder Cup qualification ( There is the possibility that if there are not enough managers playing, there may not be a Ryder Cup We shall know as time goes on.

Dry/Wet Races

In the event of changeable weather, you will also need to submit your fastest wet lap and the lap number which it occurred on.


Your score will be based on how each lap compares to your fastest lap. For each round a matrix of 'pins' will be posted. These are the time limits that define your score on each hole.


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In this case, for a par 5 hole your lap time would have to be within 0.35 seconds of your fastest lap to score an eagle, within 1.3 seconds to score a birdie, and so on. If your lap time is more than the bogey time, then you score double-bogey for that hole.

These pins will change from tournament to tournament, and even from round to round as tournament organisers often set tougher pins for the final round.
These will be posted at the same time as the scorecard before each round.

World Rankings and Ryder Cup Qualification - (If the Ryder Cup takes place)

For each race, ranking points will be awarded according to the importance of the event.

There will be 2 qualification lists formed, one for each team, based on results in tournaments this season.

Each team will consist of between 8 and 12 players, depending on numbers playing. The top 7 - 9 from each list will qualify automatically for their respective teams, and then 1- 3 more "captain's picks" will be selected by the
number 1 ranked player on each list (who will fulfill the role of team captain). Should there be insufficient numbers I shall reduce the team number accordingly

Tournament ranking points will be awarded based on your finishing position. First place will receive 60 points, 2nd will receive 55 points, 3rd will receive 50 points, 4th will receive 47 points decreasing by 1 point each place up until last place.

A MAJOR tournament

etc etc

A WGC tournament will receive 66.6% points


A MINOR Tour tournament will receive 33.3 % points


Any ties will result in the same ranking points awarded for that position. EG 3 x 4th places in a Major will all get 47 points. The only place that this will not apply to is if it is to decide a winner. If there is a tie for 1st place, then in accordance with normal Golf Rules, there will be a count-back to decide the winner with exception that if it is a Major and I have time – I will do a PLAY-OFF scenario

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Tournament Type

There will be 4 majors which will receive 100% ranking points and consist of 4 rounds.

There will be 5 WGC events, which will be 2 rounds and receive 66.6% ranking points.

Then there will be a handful of normal tour events which will consist of just 1 round and only receive 33.3% ranking points

There are no rankings to start the season with 1 exception and that is the TOUR WINNER from last season will get an exemption into ACCENTURE World Matchplay Event later on in the season - but only if he takes part on the current season

All will have to be fought for at the start of the New Season

Please post # Join if you are interested so that I have an indication of numbers for my spread sheet. As stated earlier, the competition will begin with Race 2 of Season 93 and will take place over 4 GPRO Seasons , so PLEASE only join if you are pretty sure of being able to participate in most of the season.


GPRO - Golf PGA Revived Tour - Season 7 - Forum (2024)
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