Forget Baby Shark. Here are 30 funny songs for kids that parents actually enjoy, too. (2024)

Inside: These funny songs for kids will get you and your child laughing, which will boost their mood (and yours!) plus strengthen your bond.

When one of my kids feels grumpy or sad and can’t seem to shake it even after hugs and talking through what happened, I bust out one simple but powerful parenting move that helps them get back to happy: music.

Research shows that music can quickly boost your mood,1Hughes, V. (2013, April 11). Why Does Music Feel So Good?. National Geographic. even more so if you want to improve your mood.2Ferguson, Y.L., & Sheldon, K.M. (2013). Trying to be happier really can work: Two experimental studies. The Journal of Positive Psychology, 8:1, 23-33. Plus, listening to music with your child creates healthy bonds and builds positive memories.3Boer, D., & Abubakar, A. (2014). Music listening in families and peer groups: benefits for young people’s social cohesion and emotional well-being across four cultures. Frontiers in psychology, 5, 392.

But Here’s the Problem

When you search for “funny songs for kids” or “silly songs for kids,” you’ll find either saccharine-sweet kids’ music or the same ol’ boring nursery songs—or a mix of both. And while I don’t mind hearing “On Top of Spaghetti” or “Ripped Pants” by Spongebob once in a while, those aren’t exactly songs I want in my ears every single day, and certainly not multiple times a day.

The truth is if you want a go-to playlist of funny songs for kids, you don’t need to resort to the kind of children’s music that sets your teeth on edge.

In fact, if you pick music you actually enjoy too, you’ll get a mood boost as well. And goodness knows in between the daily parenting slog of tantrums and sibling scuffles and power struggles, we could all use a pick-me-up of our own.

30 Funny Songs for Kids That Make Parents Giggle, Too

As a mom of four, over the years I’ve curated a handful of go-to playlists to meet the needs of different situations, from love songs for kids to kids’ dance music. But my favorite playlist for cheering up one of my kids is a collection of the best funny songs for kids.

Here’s why: If you can get your child to giggle, that stimulates endorphins,4Mayo Clinic. (2021, July 29). Stress relief from laughter? It’s no joke. Mayo Clinic. which are feel-good chemicals that reduce stress and put you in a better mood.5Cleveland Clinic. (2022, May 19). Endorphins. Cleveland Clinic. In other words, funny music can help your child feel better lickety-split.

Below, you’ll find a list of the absolute best songs that will get your child laughing and smiling in no time. Not only that, when you listen to these funny kids’ songs together, you’ll strengthen your bond with your child.And a stronger connection pays off in the form of greater cooperation, fewer power struggles, and the kind of loving parent-child relationship that will last into the teenage years and beyond.

To be clear, I’ve double- and triple-checked the lyrics to make sure they are 100 percent kid-friendly. Feel free to use this list to create your own playlist now so that the next time your child needs a mood boost (or you do!), you’re ready to go with some great funny songs for kids.

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1. Family by Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors

This upbeat song is a sweet but funny ode to family:

You don’t choose em, you can’t lose em
We all have a song to sing
Some are crazy, some are amazing
All got a little bit of everything

2. All Ways by Elliott Park

This is probably my favorite of all the funny songs for kids in this list! Starting when my youngest was two years old, he loved the “stinky feet” line. Giggles guaranteed, every time!

Quick heads up: If you live in an area where this word might be an issue, beware that this song mentions a “fanny pack” near the end. This is the American name for what’s referred to as a “bum bag” in some other countries.

3. Everybody Gets a Kitten by Jeremy Messersmith

This song comes from an album titled “11 Obscenely Optimistic Songs for Ukelele,” and it’s an absolute delight.

Gotta say the future’s awesome
Everything is a-okay
All the work is done by robots
Everyday is Saturday
Future people all have jet-packs
Fly around in flying cars
There’s so much I could tell you
But the coolest part by far…

4. So Long by Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward

This is one of the few songs in this playlist that comes from a kids’ movie, but you won’t care because it’s so easy to listen to. If you enjoy this song, be sure to check out the rest of the music from the 2011 Winnie the Pooh movie.

You test my nerves it makes me stronger,
So can you bother me a little bit longer?

5. Alphabutt by Kimya Dawson

What playlist of funny kids’ songs would be complete without a little potty humor?

A is for apple
B is for butt
C is for cat butt
D is for doo doo
E is for elephant doo doo

6. The Song of LIFE by Scribblemonster

Kids who’ve played The Game of LIFE will giggle at these lyrics:

Every time that I play LIFE
I choose you to be my wife
Ride around in a plastic car
Tiny pegs are all we are

7. Little Bitta You by Andrew and Polly

This is a children’s song, but it’s adorable and not grating. And when you and your child try singing along to “Lottle lottle little lottle, lottle lottle loo,” you’ll both crack up.

8. The Puppy Song by Harry Nilsson

You might recognize this song from the soundtrack of You’ve Got Mail, and it just so happens to be a crowd-pleaser with kids.

If only I could have a puppy
I’d call myself so very lucky
Just to have some company
To share a cup of tea with me

9. Busy Doing Nothing by Richard M. Sherman

This song from the movie Christopher Robin is adorably silly:

I’m busy, busy, busy doin’ nothin’
Doin’ nothin’, that’s the life for me
For when I’m doin’ nothin’, I’m busy doin’ somethin’
Somethin’ that suits me to a tee

10. Simple Song by Elliott Park

The funny mental pictures in these lyrics are sure to make your child smile:

It begins as just a flutter deep in you
As it grows, you feel some yellow in your blue
You can run but you can’t hide
When a smile begins to rise
Like the Terminator wearing big red shoes

11. Brothers and Sisters by Vered

Kids who have siblings love this song because it makes them feel known, heard, and understood—while also making them laugh.

Brothers and sisters can make you laugh
And sometimes make you cry
Sometimes they tickle you til it hurts
And sometimes they even lie
And sometimes they kick you and hit you and bite you and squeeze you with all of their might

12. Bathtime in Clerkenwell by The Real Tuesday Weld

This one’s perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Pure nonsensical silliness! Skip this for tweens and teens, but younger kids love it:


13. Birdhouse in Your Soul by They Might Be Giants

You could argue that several TMBG songs belong on a playlist of funny songs for kids, but this one’s our absolute favorite. Kids especially love the riddle of trying to figure out the main character of this song. (A nightlight!)

I have a secret to tell
From my electrical well
It’s a simple message
And I’m leaving out the whistles and bells
So the room must listen to me
Filibuster vigilantly
My name is blue canary, one note spelled l-i-t-e

14. Your Personal Penguin by Davy Jones

These lyrics come from the silly children’s book Your Personal Penguin, and kids love the idea of having their own personal penguin.

I want to be your personal penguin
I want to walk right by your side
I want to be your personal penguin
I want to travel with you far and wide

15. Little Potato by Metamora

Because of this goofy song comparing your child to a potato (yes, you read that right), I can walk up to any one of my kids, say, “You’re my little potato,” and get an immediate giggle.

They must have grown you wild,
You make a grown man a child,
I’ll go and play in the mud
To be with you, my spud.
When you came out looking red as a beet,
You had wrinkles on the bottoms of your feet.

16. Oh My Goodness, Look at This Mess by Sweet Honey in the Rock

This is our family’s official clean-up song:

Oh my goodness, look at this mess!
I’m the one who made it, I do confess.
Oh my goodness, look at this mess!
I think I’ve got to clean it up.

Why are these crumbs all over the floor?
My mama asks when she comes in the door.
Is it from the cookies I gave you to eat
When you asked me for a treat?

17. Jungle Gym by Jack Johnson, G. Love, and Special Sauce

The soundtrack of Curious George is chock full of gems, including this one. Kids love this song for the mental image it gives them of being a monkey swinging through the city like it’s a jungle gym.

Trolley cars and buses too
All the big kids going to school
I’m going to get a treat from the ice cream man
Catch me catch me if you can

18. I Want It Now by Julie Dawn Cole

If you’ve seen the original Willy Wonka movie, you’ll recognize this over-the-top tune from Veruca Salt. This song gives kids a playful way to reflect on less charitable impulses, plus it’s great fun to blast at top volume!

I want the world
I want the whole world
I want to lock it
All up in my pocket
It’s my bar of chocolate
Give it to me now

19. Piggy by Jenna Nicholls

This is a simple silly song about a piggy bank:

No one’s gonna take my piggy away
It’s just you and me, honey
Someday I’m gonna spend all that money
On me, just me

20. Anyone Else But You by The Moldy Peaches

The potty humor at the end gets kids every time!

Squinched up your face and did a dance
Shook a little turd out of the bottom of your pants
I don’t see what anyone can see, in anyone else
But you

21. Sleepy Tigers by Her Space Holiday

This isn’t a laugh-out-loud kind of song, but the mental images will put a smile on your face. Because of this sweet little song, whenever one of our kids wakes up before my husband and me and comes to rouse us, they always say: “I just wanted to see you looking at me.”

Oh, I like you so very much
So much in fact, I gotta wake you up
It’s not that I have words to speak
I just wanna see you looking at me

22. Octopus’s Garden by The Beatles

This classic will tap into your child’s imagination, and the idea of an octopus’s garden will delight them:

I’d like to be
Under the sea
In an octopus’s garden
In the shade

23. Crayola Doesn’t Make a Color for Your Eyes by Kristin Andreassen

This is a sweet but silly song that kids can relate to—not being able to find the perfect color crayon for what you want to do.

I went to see the doctor, I’d come down with the blues
She said that “I can’t cure you, but here’s something you could do
Take out a piece of paper and go sit down for a while
And draw a pretty picture of something that makes you smile”
Well, I know what makes me happy, I didn’t have to think for long
But when I tried to draw it, it always came out wrong
I had a box of 12, 48, and 64
But nowhere could I find that one shade I was looking for

24. Love You by The Free Design

Listen to this catchy song for a dose of pure silliness:

Roll like a circus clown, put away your circus frown
Ride on a roller coaster upside down
Waltzing Matilda, Carey loves a kinkatchoo
Joey catch a kangaroo, hug you

25. Gaston by Josh Gad and Luke Evans

I dare you not to giggle at this rendition from the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie.

No one hits like Gaston
Matches wits like Gaston
In a spitting match nobody spits like Gaston
I’m especially good at expectorating
(Ten points for Gaston!)

26. Grilled Cheese by Peach Face

My kids can’t get enough of this song, and they giggle every time.

One heads up: If you live in an area where this word might be an issue, you should know that this song mentions a “fanny pack.” This is the American name for what’s referred to as a “bum bag” in some other countries.

I fell in love with a grilled cheese
Oh, would you bring it to me pretty please
It’s not the same at home

27. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious by Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke

This classic song from Mary Poppins delights kids and adults.

Oh, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Even though the sound of it
Is something quite atrocious
If you say it loud enough
You’ll always sound precocious

28. Everything is Awesome by Tegan and Sara & the Lonely Island

This song from The Lego Movie is ridiculously over-the-top and a fun way to get your sillies out. If your playlist of funny songs for kids doubles as a dance party playlist, this song is a must!

I feel more awesome than an awesome possum
Dip my body in chocolate frosting
Three years later, wash off the frosting
Smelling like a blossom, everything is awesome

29. The Muffin Song by Sean Bertram and Amanda MacDonald

This song is sweet, simple, and silly:

I’m your muffin man
You’re my muffin girl
Let’s get together we can see the muffin world
In a car, in a plane, we can muffin every day
Always forever in our little muffin tray

30. I Forgot That You Existed by Taylor Swift

When someone has been mean to your child, the idea of the ultimate revenge will get them smiling again:

How many days did I spend
Thinkin’ ’bout how you did me wrong, wrong, wrong?
Lived in the shade you were throwin’
‘Til all of my sunshine was gone, gone, gone…
But then something happened one magical night

I forgot that you existed

Get the Spotify Playlist: Funny Songs for Kids

If you use Spotify, head over tothis Spotify playlistand click the heart button to add these silly kids’ songs to your own Spotify library.Bonus:As I discover new funny songs for kids, you’ll get extra songs not yet featured in this post!

Want More?

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Your Turn

What are your favorite funny songs for kids? Share in a comment below!

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Forget Baby Shark. Here are 30 funny songs for kids that parents actually enjoy, too. (2024)
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