6 Tricks for Enjoying a Meal Out When You’re Feeling Morning Sickness (2024)

Your standing Saturday night reservations at your favorite little bistro have taken a backseat to your morning sickness. It’s been how many weeks now? Even though you’re feeling queasy 24/7, staying in just isn’t for you. In less than nine months, dinner out will turn into ordering in (unless you have the most stellar babysitter ever). So, you want to take full advantage of this time and actually leave the house. Hey, that’s okay. Check out these tips for dining out without letting your morning sickness get in the way!

1. Don’t go hungry. That empty pit in your stomach is more than just plain ol’ hunger when you’ve got morning sickness. It intensifies that seasick feeling and kind of makes you feel like heaving. It’s totally tempting to think that waiting to eat will ensure the least amount of nausea possible. But, it’s more likely that the opposite is true for you. While there’s no need to eat a full meal before eating another full meal, snacking on crackers and cheese (or something along those lines) will keep the queasiness at bay. At least, long enough for you to head out to dinner without having to immediately turn around and go home.

2. Make a pre-meal menu review. You’ve got food triggers. Right? Hamburger makes your stomach do flip flops and the scent of cinnamon makes you run to the nearest bathroom, sink, garbage can — well, you get the picture. Avoid restaurants that serve those trigger foods in spades. Let’s say red meat is a major morning sickness no-no for you. That new barbeque joint that your friends are freaking about is NOT for you. Yes, they have corn and beans and probably some sort of bread that you could eat. But, that meaty smell will ruin your entire meal. Instead, opt for somewhere that serves more of a vegetarian type of fare.

3. Eat al fresco. Of course, unless it’s winter, raining or super hot out. Other than those not-so-nice weather scenarios, the fresh air may help to calm that rocky feeling. Dining outdoors may not make your morning sickness go completely away, but it can help you to feel a bit better about eating somewhere other than your kitchen counter. And bonus, the total ventilation makes all of those not-so-pleasant (to you, that is) smells kind of go away.

4. Prep for an early exit. There are some times when a two-hour meal out just isn’t possible. Sorry. It’s not the best news, but it doesn’t mean you can’t dine at all with morning sickness. If there’s even a one percent chance that your meal won’t exactly stay down, try this trick! When you order, ask for two things — a take-out box and the check. In the (hopefully unlikely, but completely probable) event that you need to make a hasty exit, now you can.

5. Ask for half. The um, generous, portions at your favorite eatery are awesome. When you’re not pregnant. But now there’s no way that you could down that plate-sized burger or vat of pasta. And, you shouldn’t. If you’re going the “eat several small meals throughout the day” route, a steak straight out of the Flintstones simply won’t do. Avoid any possibility of “accidentally” downing way more than you can actually eat, and ask for half on your plate now and the other half in a to-go container for later.

6. Stash a snack. It’s Friday night and, even though you had a reservation, the wait is still outrageous. You could leave, but you’re already there — and why waste a cute outfit, good hair and a face full of makeup? Don’t get caught without something to keep the nausea from creeping back in. Yeah, you spent years making fun of your grandma for always having a snack in that ginormous cavern she called a purse. But now that stash of snacks is seeming pretty good. Keep a few crackers (or something similar) on hand just in case.

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6 Tricks for Enjoying a Meal Out When You’re Feeling Morning Sickness (2024)
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