5 Car Organization Tips - Home and Kind (2024)

I’ve tried so many methods for trying to keep my car clean and organized over the past 13 years of being a mom. Many have failed, while others have really worked for me and stood the test of time. Today I’ll be sharing those tried and true ideas in this list of five car organization tips!

1. Use 5×7 Photo Holders to Organize the Center Console

I first started using 5×7 photo holders to hold small puzzles and card games, but quickly realized they fit perfectly in my center console. I own a 2016 Honda Odyssey and can fit six of them inside my center console, plus one in my glove compartment.

Here are the seven containers I’ve labeled for my car:

I store my photo holders standing upright with the label showing so I can easily recognize what is in them. I use a simple label maker to create a label for each one (If you don’t have a label maker, you could write on the top with permanent marker.)

You really never know what you might need when you’re out and about. I love having all of these items neatly stored away in my car!

2. Keep Round Tissue Canisters in Your Car

Keeping a round tissue canister in the car may seem like a small thing, but it has been such a handy thing to have close by when someone needs to blow their nose or clean up a mess in the car.

Typical tissue boxes are just too big, and those tissue packets are hard to open and manage while driving. But this round canister is just perfect. I store mine in the side door or in a cupholder, then quickly pull one out and send it to the back of the car whenever needed.

3. Install a Utility Mat Between Bucket Seats

Our van has an option for a middle seat, but we usually leave it out of the car for everyday driving. This leaves the middle hardware open and it is SO hard to keep clean. Even a vacuum can’t suck up the crumbs and dirt that ends up in the nooks and crannies of this area.

But installing a utility mat totally changes that! It’s easy to vacuum over, it fits right under the back mat, and it stays in place perfectly.

The standard size mat is a nice, snug fit for our 2016 Honda Odyssey, but you’ll definitely want to measure the distance between your bucket seats before buying. If the standard mat is too wide, you can purchase it in a narrower sizing option.

This car organization tip is an absolute must-have if you drive a car with bucket seats. I’ve shared this tip before and I will continue to share it—it’s just that much of a game-changer!

Here are five outdoor mats to choose from:

5 Car Organization Tips - Home and Kind (6)

Narrow outdoor mat options:

4. Store a Pop-Up Bag and Picnic Blanket in the Trunk

I love having this collapsible storage bag and waterproof picnic blanket on hand at all times. The pop-up bag folds down incredibly thin, so it doesn’t really take up any space in your car. You can lay it down flat or even slide it in between the seats for storage.

This bag is easy to set up and has great functionality. It includes interior cup holders, exterior pockets, a mesh zipper cover, handles, and more. Use it for toting your Costco haul, taking to the beach, hanging out at the pool, etc.

When you’re done with the bag, it’s equally easy to collapse down and secure for storage. You won’t be fumbling around trying to fold it up for 10 minutes!

The Good Gain picnic blanket collapses down to a tiny size that can go in a diaper bag or purse. Then it spreads out into a square that is about 80×60 inches and can easily seat our whole family.

The backside is waterproof and is easy to clean, either by hand-washing or putting in the washing machine. I love being able to pull this out for soccer games, trips to the park, or any other time we might need it.

5. Repurpose a Round Tissue Canister for Trash Bags

Have you used up one of your round tissue canisters? If so, don’t toss it! Instead, repurpose it as a trash bag storage container!

Although there are many trash bags made specifically for the car, I prefer to use a grocery bag or small trash bag to quickly clean out the car before we go into the house. Then we don’t have to worry about trash or food stinking up the car and I can take the trash right out to the garbage can.

Try These Car Organization Tips for Yourself!

Those are my 5 car organization tips! These ideas have definitely revolutionized my car organization game and made it so much easier to keep the van clean and fresh. I hope you found something helpful to try in your own car!

I like to hang out on Instagram and share more in-depth tutorials on everything I make, create, and organize. Come be a part of our Home & Kind Instagram community.

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5 Car Organization Tips - Home and Kind (2024)
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